Japanese butterbur with native coltsfoot.

Giant-Leaved Invasive Spotted in Woodstock

Japanese Butterbur can grow leaves the size of a small child. Also known as Swamp Rhubarb and Giant Coltsfoot, Japanese butterbur can grow leaves to an impressive four feet in diameter. The huge leaves shade out other plants, leaving bare ground, which can lead to erosion. Its exotic foliage is the reason this plant was […]

group listening to pieter talk about invasive plants on the king farm on summer day

King Farm: Letting the Land Teach Us

 By Pieter van Loon, VLT forester — Nineteen years ago, I drove up the hill to King Farm, in Woodstock, for my first day of work at VLT. I went past the sprawling white farmhouse and parked next to the main barn, its shingle siding aged to the color of dark amber maple syrup. I […]

old sugarhouse and tapped tree on Baird Farm in Chittenden Vermont

The Old Tappers: On the Baird Farm in Chittenden

Writing and photographs by David Middleton, member of VLT Board of Trustees — High up in a southward opening valley in the rolling hills around Chittenden, Bob and Bonnie Baird own and operate the 300-acre Baird Farm. Bob is the third generation of the Baird family to run this farm; his daughter Jenna, now working […]