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Vermont Land Trust
farmland and mountain range

About Us

The Vermont Land Trust saves the land that makes Vermont special. Since 1977, we have protected farmland and forestland from subdivision and development – knowing that once farms and forests are gone, they rarely come back. We want our children, grandchildren, and future generations to enjoy local food, farming, clean air and water, hiking, hunting, forestry, and sugaring.

Our Mission Statement

Current and future generations are deeply connected to the land and benefit from its deliberate protection and responsible stewardship.

What We Do

We conserve land with a legal tool called a conservation easement that permanently restricts development and protects natural features.

Since 1977, we have conserved more than 1,950 pieces of land covering 590,000+ acres; this is about 11 percent of the state. See our map of conserved land.

Most of the land we protect is privately owned and actively farmed or managed for timber. Farmland and forests are critical to our rural economy and the Vermont way of life.

We recognize that not everyone has access to land. Making a living as a farmer is hard when farmland is scarce and expensive, so we work to make it more affordable to farmers ready to start or expand a business.

We also know that nature can build community and bring happiness and health. So, we protect places important for recreation and community, such as town forests, parks, community gardens, and swimming spots (see recreation map).

We integrate stewardship of natural features into our conservation agreements and offer education to landowners and the public to further this work.

Our conservation work is permanent. To make sure that conservation agreements are followed, we visit conserved land and build relationships with landowners. We raise awareness about land-management issues, such as invasive species, water quality, and wildlife habitat protection.

Who We Are

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, whose members guide our policies and the focus of our work. Staff members are located throughout the state and work closely with landowners and communities to conserve and steward land. See our staff contact page.

Where Our Funding Comes From

We are deeply grateful for the support of our 3,500+ members. Many of our members have been with us for decades!

A combination of generous state, federal, and private grants allows us to purchase conservation easements and ensure that land is protected for the long-term. A significant portion of our farmland work is made possible by the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board with matching funds from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

To see who funded our most recent project work, please request our latest annual report by calling (802) 223-5234 or emailing

Financial Information

We are a member-supported, private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, incorporated on April 15, 1977. Our EIN number is 03-0264836. View our latest financial summary, our IRS 990 Form, or request a copy of audited financial statements by contacting our headquarters at (802) 223-5234.


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