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About Us

Protecting Vermont from the Ground Up

Our shared purpose

Vermont is a place where the well-being of land and people is entwined. With families, communities, and partners, we conserve land and foster life-long connections to the farms, forests, and natural areas that define us. Because the more connected we are to the land, the more committed we are to its care.

Our results

Rooted in Vermont since 1977, we have protected more than 620,000 acres of farmland, forestland, and community lands, covering over 11% of the state. Much of this land is privately owned and contributes to our abundance of local food, maple and timber products, tourism and recreation, and the vitality of our towns and villages.

For our farms, our forests, and our future

What we do

Working towards the common good of land and people isn’t always easy. Collaboration is essential to success, as is being deeply rooted in the communities we serve. With expertise in conservation, ecology, community engagement, and finance, we help:

  • Conserve land with important economic, community, and environmental benefits by limiting development and ensuring sound land stewardship practices
  • Support farmers in buying land and growing sustainable businesses
  • Improve the health of land, water, and soil, and share that knowledge with all others
  • Ensure that permanent legal protections on 2,200 parcels are upheld, in partnership with landowners
  • Connect all people to the outdoors through education and events


How we help...

Trust is at the center of who we are

Our core values

These were developed by and for our staff through a collaborative process. They continue to guide our actions, behaviors, and norms each and every day.

  • Service: We value service through high-quality work and bring integrity to what we do.
  • Trust: We value building and maintaining the trust of the communities and people with whom we work.
  • Communication:  We value transparency, listening, curiosity, candor, clarity, and patience.
  • Fairness: We value the equal application of practices and policies, and we serve people regardless of their status.
  • Community: We strive to be supportive to each other and those we work with and demonstrate teamwork and mutual respect.
  • Learning & Growth: We value growth and improvement that challenges us and fosters learning, creativity, and flexibility.

Land for all

Equity and justice on the land

Racism and exclusion have long been tied to land ownership and access. From the first land speculators who laid claims to Indigenous lands, to systematic recruitment of northern European settlers, Vermont has a dark history that must be understood and addressed. This starts with learning and leads to collective action, including our efforts to: 

  • Help historically marginalized and oppressed people buy or lease land 
  • Clarify Indigenous rights to gather, forage, and hold ceremony on conserved land 
  • Learn from history, each other, and people who have been historically marginalized and oppressed 
  • Connect all people to accessible and safe places to explore

Together, we're protecting Vermont from the ground up!

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