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Welcoming new staff to our team

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  • May 15, 2024

We’re thrilled to be welcoming new staff members!

John Livingston, Krista Battles, Manon Francine-Pudvah, Ryan Diehl, and Sam Graulty have joined team VLT to help advance conservation across the state.

Krista Battles joins as GIS Specialist

Krista Battles of Waterbury joined VLT in March after working on GIS and data management, as a field naturalist and on water quality projects.

A graduate of Johnson State University’s Environmental Science program, Krista’s experience includes working in GIS and data management at the State of Vermont and as a farm nutrient management consultant in the private sector. Her work as a naturalist was with Stowe Land Trust and New York State Parks.

As GIS Specialist at VLT, Krista will be creating maps and supporting data management.

Krista lives in Waterbury and enjoys exploring the natural world on feet, bikes and boards with her family and friends.

“I’ve experienced the impacts VLT has in creating space for folks to find joy and peace in natural recreation,” said Krista, “and to find stability to continue traditions of working lands for future generations. It’s such a gift to join VLT and contribute to the conservation of lands that feed my community.”

Ryan Diehl to serve as Land Acquisition Specialist

Ryan Diehl of Waitsfield joined VLT in January. As Land Acquisition Specialist, Ryan manages a variety of real estate projects to support VLT’s mission, including gifts of land, transactions involving forest and community focused parcels, and support for partner organizations.

Before joining VLT in 2024, Ryan held several roles focused on environmental and outdoor education. More recently, he started and ran a small business in the Mad River Valley, where he lives with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

Outside of work, he can be found skiing, boating, climbing and biking throughout the Green Mountains with family and friends.

“I’ve always been passionate about engagement with the outdoors,” says Ryan. “Time spent outside is so valuable for individuals and the communities where they reside. I’m very thankful to be assisting VLT’s mission of connecting people to farms, forests and community spaces.”

Sam Graulty is new Events Manager

Sam Graulty of Jericho is the new Events Manager at VLT, helping to plan and execute VLT’s events on the land as well as online.

A graduate of UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, Sam joined VLT in April after serving as the Program Coordinator at Generator Makerspace in Burlington for three years. He has also led outdoor programs and taught at an independent school.

In a happy coincidence with his current role at VLT, Sam is a volunteer on the town committee for Mobbs Farm, a natural area open to the public for recreation that VLT helped protect in 2022.

“I’m very excited to work with VLT, especially through events,” said Sam. “I love helping to deepen people’s understanding and relationship with the landscape. There are so many opportunities and I’m excited to work with partners, communities, VLT staffers and others to continue to offer great programs while developing new opportunities!”

Whenever possible, Sam heads outside — on bikes, boats, skates, and skis; or (if it’s rainy) he might stay in to make greeting cards out of old magazines.

Manon Francine-Pudvah joins as HR Administrator

Manon Francine-Pudvah of East Calais is a graduate of UVM with a bachelor’s degree in English and Environmental Studies.

She came to VLT in March with over 20 years of human resources and business management experience in entrepreneurial and corporate cultures. She most recently served as HR Administrator at Goddard College for three years, and Executive Assistant and Learning & Development Coordinator at National Life for five years before that.

As HR Administrator, Manon will deploy her problem-solving, organizational, and interpersonal skills to support her coworkers in fulfilling VLT’s mission.

“The projects that VLT has been involved with have clearly benefited so many individuals in and around my community,” said Manon. “I’m thrilled to work alongside such a group of such talented, caring and passionate individuals as my fellow colleagues at VLT.”

Manon is of Swiss heritage, enjoys cooking, and explores the open road every chance she can in her campervan with her two dogs.

John Livingston becomes VLT Finance Director

John comes to VLT with a background in commercial real estate, law, and agriculture. He joined VLT in April after several decades working in finance and accounting. He has also served on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

When he isn’t crunching numbers and making charts, John likes to spend his time fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

“I moved to Vermont because it’s an enchanting and forward-thinking place,” said John. “I’m very excited to be part of the Vermont Land Trust team, where I can utilize my skills to contribute to the preservation and safeguarding of forests, farms, and community lands.”

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