Dam removal project in action

We are in the midst of a major dam removal and wetland restoration project in Colchester that will result in cleaner water reaching Lake Champlain and restored wetland habitat.  Here, our ecologist Allaire Diamond explains how we are removing a 70-year-old dam on Crooked Creek.



The dam had been causing erosion downstream

An old culvert in the dam would send water rushing after heavy rain. This was causing erosion downstream as the water flowed down to Lake Champlain.

Engineer Rodrigue Spinette is helping us on our dam removal project. The work of engineers like Rodrigue is so important to projects like this. If we don’t get the grade right, water will flow too fast (not a good thing). The crew is also adding logs, rocks, and other natural material, which will help Crooked Creek find a mellow, natural path to Lake Champlain.


The dam removal was only the beginning: now it’s time to restore the wetland

After the heavy equipment was gone and earthen dam was history, it was time for hand tools. Here’s Allaire moves a turtlehead – its flowers look like a turtle emerging from its shell – that will be planted in the newly restored wetland. This work will be happening throughout the rest of the year.

Allaire carrying a plant


Photos and videos by Kyle Gray