Virtual Tour: Brewster Uplands

Wednesday, October 21, 7-8 pm, online

Join us for an online tour of public trails, two farms, and exciting new developments at this VLT property in Jeffersonville.


Ecology, Conservation, and Forest Management

Tuesday, November 10, 7-8 pm, online

How do you improve habitat for wildlife, increase a forest’s diversity, complexity, and ability to adapt to climate change? Event is based around the Andrews Community Forest in Richmond.


Invasive Plant Series: Should I Spray?

Wednesday, November 11, 7-8 pm, online

Learn about responsible herbicide use to control invasive plants.


Old Growth Forests: A Virtual Tour of Ancient Woodlands

Tuesday, November 17, 1-2 pm, online

Learn about old growth forests in Vermont and in the northeast—what they are, why they are important in the face of climate change, and how you can recognize them.


Wildlife on the Move

Tuesday, December 15, 12-1 pm, online

Join us as we explore wildlife corridors and the threats facing animals. We’ll take a closer look at the Shutesville Hill Wildlife Corridor in Waterbury and Stowe.


What We Do

We protect the land that makes Vermont special – farms, forests, parks, trails, ponds and more. We want to make sure that people today and future generations are able to enjoy the land and Vermont’s rural traditions like those who came before us. Learn more.


Conserve Your Land

One way we can protect Vermont’s working landscape is to conserve land. This land includes productive farmland; forests rich with timber and wildlife habitat; and town forests and trails that further our connection to nature and neighbors. We work with both private landowners and communities to protect that land that makes Vermont special. Learn more.

Our Farmland Access Program

Farmland is expensive. This makes it hard for farms to get started or expand. We created the Farmland Access Program to help entrepreneurial farmers find affordable land of their own. Learn more.

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