Farmers and conservation staff standing in a farmyard with a silo and barn behind -- on Blii and Liz Orr's farm in Orwell.

Next Generation Taking on Orwell Farm

Bill and Liz Orr have farmed for decades and hope to pass the farm to their daughter and son-in-law, Rachel and Brian Reed. Their 279-acre property became the 20th conserved farm in Orwell when they conserved the land with VLT, which will protect it from development. “Growing alfalfa is much better than growing houses,” remarked […]

Farm couple walking in the pasture with cattle -- Vermont Land Trust completed 100 Farmland Access projects in 2019

New Farms Take Root in Vermont

Celebrating 100 Farmland Access Projects Jon Wagner and Karin Bellemare were operating a CSA on rented land on Long Island and feeling a little boxed in. There were the challenges of farming in a place without many farms. “We had some chicken tractors going in a field we were leasing, and the guy abutting came […]