Volunteer at Pine Island Community Farm

The farm has evolved to where it is today in large part thanks to wonderful volunteers. In the spring and summer there are opportunities to volunteer at the farm: maintaining the buildings, moving bedding to the compost pile, preparing for community events. Sometimes, there are work days scheduled for big jobs. There are some winter opportunities at the farm; these include moving out old bedding, occasional help with the goats, loading/unloading hay, helping with our Christmas Tree collection. Volunteers are encouraged to make a regular commitment to come to the farm once a month, once a week, or on any somewhat regular basis.

Please note that all work is eligible for City Market Member-Worker hours: volunteer 4 hours a month and get 12% off at City Market Coop the following month. To participate in the City Market Member-Worker program you must (1) join City Market Coop and (2) complete their one hour orientation for member-workers.

Donate to Pine Island

Financial support to strengthen farm operations has come from dozens of people, businesses, and foundations, including the High Meadows Fund, Jane’s Trust, and the Castanea Foundation. We welcome additional donations through our online giving page (remember to choose “Pine Island Community Farm” from the list of options).