Forest-Focused Legacy Planning for Now and the Next Generation

Do you own forestland and hope to pass it on to the next generation? We’re teaming up with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board’s Farm and Forest Viability Program to host a conversation about succession planning for private forestland.

We’ll learn about VHCB’s new in-depth forestland transfer planning programming that helps families develop a shared vision and make a plan for the future ownership and management of their forestland. We’ll also hear from landowners who have navigated the succession planning process, and explore different conservation options that can help achieve a family’s goals for long-term stewardship of the land.  

We will also get the chance to take a short tour of Baird Farm, and hear directly from the Baird family about the farm’s history, generational transition, and their plans for the future.  


This event is perfect for landowners and natural resource professionals. Please pre-register today! 

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