A remote forest, climate science, and a very old swamp have a lot to teach us

We’ve owned this stretch of woods in the Northeast Kingdom since 2005. It’s home to northern hardwood forest, a portion of Mud Pond, and a beautiful stretch of old cedar swamp forest with trees up to 200 years old.

This forest might seem like an unlikely spot for innovative climate science, but it turns out it’s ideal. Our long-term ownership means University of Vermont researchers can monitor the impact of forest management practices and climate change for decades to come.

Mud Pond Forest is also a destination for adventurous hunters, hikers, and naturalists looking to get off the beaten path. Please note there are no maintained walking trails or signage, but there are some rough logging trails. We do hold events there, which is a great way to see the land. Sign up for our emails to be the first to hear of upcoming events.