man in mask boxing food for COVID food box program

Strengthening Food Systems: VLT Responds to the Coronavirus

“When things are insecure, it’s not a bad idea to produce more food,” said Angus Baldwin as he deftly cut and bound flat-leaf parsley. “I wasn’t sure if we’d be selling or giving it away this year, but I figured there would be a need for it.” Angus operates the nonprofit West Farm on VLT’s Brewster Uplands Conservation Trust property in Jeffersonville. The parsley was destined for the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program, one of several partners Angus is working with this year to get healthy food in the hands of those who need it.

How a Chipmunk Baby Boom Leads to More Mushrooms

When I went out to look for edible mushrooms in a stand of oaks, beech, and hemlocks recently, I found uprooted, overturned, and torn-apart mushrooms everywhere. It looked like a tiny hurricane had targeted only the fungi. A closer look revealed rodent toothmarks. Small mammals like chipmunks and red squirrels feed on mushrooms; the scene of destruction might be explained by this year’s chipmunk baby boom, which was spurred by high seed production in oaks and beeches in 2019.

Bread and Butter Farm in South Burlington and Shelburne - Vermont Land Trust

Statement from the Vermont Land Trust on the evolution of Bread & Butter Farm and the founding of the Vermont Agrarian Commons

“Access to affordable farmland is one of the biggest barriers for farmers seeking to start or grow a business,” said Maggie Donin, Farmland Access Program Director for the Vermont Land Trust. “Through land conservation and the creation of new ownership models, the Vermont Agrarian Commons, Bread & Butter Farm, the Vermont Land Trust, and others are helping to address that issue today and in to the future, while protecting important farmland.”

Booth farmland in Barre Town Green fields with mountains in the distance

Local Family Conserves Prime Farmland in Barre Town

A gorgeous stretch of open fields with long-range views in Barre has been conserved for farming into the future, honoring the area’s farming heritage. Beloved in the community, Gordon Booth had long wanted to see it protected; his children fulfilled this vision.

map detail of bike route

Four Bike Routes in the Champlain Valley

Biking Vermont roads is a great way to experience the beauty of our state and appreciate our agricultural heritage. Staff member and biking enthusiast, Al Karnatz, has been conserving farms in the Champlain Valley for over 20 years. We asked Al to pull together some of his favorite bike routes so that you can get outside and see some amazing conserved land!