close up of handdrawn bingo board with a woodpecker, snowflake and other images

Winter Backyard Bingo

Back by popular demand, we offer a winter edition of Backyard Bingo! This scavenger hunt bingo experience can get the whole family outside for an afternoon of learning and adventure.

Nature Nugget: A fondness for ferns

The fiddleheads we savor in spring are the young, coiled up leaves of the ostrich fern, a tall, graceful fern common along rivers and in moist, rich upland forests. They appear in bottomlands in late April, and they last only a few short weeks. Once the fiddleheads have come unfurled, as most have by now, the leaves are bitter and are no longer good to eat.

#StayGroundedVT Round Up – May 2020

There all kinds of ways for Vermonters to stay grounded during this pandemic…. Al Karnatz, who works in the Champlain region, seems to be practicing a new form of social distancing. And yes, he reported that there were plenty of bugs in there.