Our Funding

We are deeply grateful for the 4,000 individuals and families who support our work. Many of you have been with us for decades.

Additional funding comes from state, federal, and foundation grants. These help us buy land, purchase conservation easements from landowners, help farm businesses, support clean water and healthy forests, and connect people to the outdoors.

A large amount of our state funding comes from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, a pioneering entity that supports affordable housing, land conservation, and historic preservation. Funds from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service often provide a federal match.

Corporate Structure

We are a member-supported, private, non-profit organization, incorporated in April 1977. Our Employer Identification Number is 03-0264836.

You can see our most recent IRS 990 or request a copy of our most recent audited financial statements, contact John Livingston.


We are an accredited land trust. This means that we adhere to national quality standards developed by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. These standards are ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trust. The accreditation program verifies that we have the policies and programs in place to keep our conservation promises.