Uniting Land and Lives

woman smiling with man with his back to camera - in woods

Vermont is a place where the health of our land and the wellbeing of our people have always been entwined. This interdependence is more relevant today than ever.

The climate emergency, economic and social divides, human health crises, and persistent racial injustice confront us daily. There are new pressures on Vermont’s landscape. How will we, as Vermonters, meet this moment? The health of our farms, forests, and natural areas—and our relationship to them—depends on the action we take today.

With your help, the Vermont Land Trust has protected over 615,000 acres, including more than 900 farms and thousands of acres of working forests.

This land shapes our identity. It nourishes our wellbeing, enlivens our communities, strengthens our ecosystems, and supports our economy. It is the bedrock upon which we can create a more vital and equitable future for Vermont.

hands planting a vegetable start in the dirt - Vermont

Land at the Center

To meet this moment, we must put land at the center of our wellbeing. Over the next ten years, we aim to:

  • Accelerate efforts to protect Vermont against the devastating effects of climate change. This includes restoring wetlands, sequestering and storing carbon in our soils and forests, and conserving more land along rivers and streams.
  • Support hundreds of new and beginning farmers in purchasing land and operating successful farm businesses—helping to prevent sprawl, alleviate hunger, and support our vibrant food economy.  
  • Enhance learning on the land, the creation of trails and access points, and community vitality by investing in land owned by VLT.
  • Expand land access, ownership, and economic opportunity among people who have been historically marginalized or oppressed because of their race and ethnicity. This could include acquiring and donating land, mobilizing capital, and offering technical services.

view of pasture in the fall with a mown path ahead and trees in the distance - Vermont

New in 2022

In a few months, we will introduce an updated brand that reflects our evolution and will help us reach a wider audience. Some things are changing, and some are not. Our logo, website, and publications will feel fresh; but our passion and the expertise you have come to trust will remain the same.

Conservation is in our bones. So too is the desire to reimagine the role of conservation in Vermont’s future.

We are energized by your support and invite your feedback as we move forward.