A Love of Place: Pasture and Woods Protected in North Danville

View of pasture, trees, and the White Mountains in the distance: Danville, Vermont

Ruth Rubin didn’t grow up in North Danville. She came and stayed by choice, developing a deep love for her community and her farm. Beyond her carefully tended gardens lie productive meadows. Ruth’s love for the property led her to conserve it. “I have lived on this spot for 42 years,” she said. “The land is my sanctuary and my refuge.” 

Her 61-acre property is mostly open with two forested patches and dazzling views of the White Mountains to the east, which makes it desirable for development. Over the years, Ruth has worked to restore the pastures. The large meadow near her house was overgrown when she first moved there; it is now used for hay by a dairy farmer.

Edge of barn and view of pasture, trees, and distant hills: Danville, Vermont

Ruth Rubin’s land in Danville has dazzling views of the White Mountains; she donated conservation protections on 55 acres to VLT.


“My house and land have deep roots in the North Danville community,” said Ruth. “I’ve seen photos of horse-drawn wagons piled high with hay from my back field at the turn of the century, and groups of people posing on the gigantic beams of a barn, that is, alas, no longer.”

Ruth donated a conservation easement to VLT on 55 acres and said she intends to leave the land to VLT in her will. In addition to protecting the land from development, conservation ensures that land within 50 feet of Badger Brook, which runs along the edge of the property, will remain naturally vegetated to support clean water and wildlife.