We are Vermonters and Vermonters-at-heart who love all that our farms, forests, open spaces, and natural areas have to offer.

We believe that getting new farmers on the land will strengthen rural communities. We know there are on-the-land solutions to climate change and diminishing wildlife habitat that we can implement now. We believe everyone should be able to experience nature. Please join our community of 4,000 strong and let’s get to work!

Alicia DiCocco, Richmond VT

I was first inspired to give after seeing VLT’s commitment to community involvement with the conservation of the Andrews Town Forest in our town of Richmond. Now when my donation goes through every month, I know that we are supporting the efforts to conserve our forests and farms in Vermont communities.

Dylan Simms, Waterbury VT

From recreation and community to farming and local food production, VLT touches our lives as citizens of this state in more ways than we know… I am so inspired by the mission to protect our rural way of life in Vermont by building strategic partnerships and conserving wild places for generations yet to come.

As a member, you can:

ATTEND EVENTS featuring our land experts and hidden places throughout our state.

FIND NEWS AND INSIGHTS on emerging issues realted to farming, forest health rural prosperity, climate change, and more.

JOIN US for our annual membership meeting.

DISCOVER STORIES from landowners who are making a difference for their communities and our planet.

VOTE for our Board of Trustees.

ENJOY the gratification of knowing you are protecting the land you love.