What does it take to remove a dam and restore a wetland? A lot of science, passion, and hard work. And some very muddy boots! Join us for a free one-hour event to learn about our recent work to remove a dam on a farm near Lake Champlain and restore a wetland. You’ll hear from an ecologist, engineer, indigenous scholar and educator, and others who are helping to improve the health of Crooked Creek and support cleaner water in Lake Champlain.


  • Allaire Diamond, Ecologist, Vermont Land Trust 
  • Judy Dow, Executive Director, Gedakina
  • Rodrigue Spinette, Watershed Scientist, Fitzgerald Environmental Associates
  • Shayne Jaquith, Watershed Restoration Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy Vermont
  • Dr. Beverley Wemple, Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Vermont
  • Evan Choquette, Honors College Research Fellow, University of Vermont

This event is perfect for anyone who is curious about stream restoration. Please pre-register today. 

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