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Vermont Land Trust
Group standing together after working on town forest land

Conserving Land Important to Communities

Sledding hills and swimming holes, a scenic farm that is the gateway to a town, bike trails and hiking paths, hilltop views and picnic spots, town forests and community gardens—all things that make our communities great places to live.

We’ve helped towns, cities, nonprofit groups, and volunteers protect these places and more. (See current projects here.)

How Does it Work?

These projects are community led, and are in line with town or city planning and conservation goals. 

While the needs of every project are different, generally, our role is to:

  • assess feasibility and develop plans
  • inventory natural and ecological resources
  • coordinate appraisal work and conduct mapping
  • negotiate with landowners
  • help with planning and publicity
  • apply for grants
  • help with fundraising
  • maintain financial accounts
  • do legal work, such as drafting purchase agreements and helping with title searches
  • ensure conservation agreements are always upheld

A local group may be made up of town officials, a conservation group, or interested volunteers. The role of the local group is generally to:

  • provide access to local information or assistance
  • raise awareness
  • identify supporters and potential donors
  • directly fundraise within the community
  • organize neighborhood or town-wide meetings
  • plan for future ownership, management, or use of the land
  • lead local publicity and celebration efforts

What Makes a Project Successful

We find that the most successful projects involve land that helps preserve a sense of community or heritage; offers recreation; and/or connects people to nature or food.

Another key to success is an active and committed volunteer committee to help with fundraising.

Getting Started

The first step is to contact one of our conservation staff members. If the project seems promising, we will visit the land and assess the feasibility of the opportunity.  


Contact Us

Interested in conserving your land?

Contact one of our conservation staff members.


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How can I conserve my land?

Conservation Options
Donating a Conservation Easement
Selling a Conservation Easement
Donating Land

What types of land do you conserve?

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