A Northeast Kingdom gem is for sale

Right now, we have the opportunity to help the State of Vermont buy and permanently conserve the island at the heart of Island Pond. If we are successful, both the island and a small lakeside parcel will become part of Brighton State Park.

Why now? In short: the island is for sale. This means it’s at immediate risk of no longer being a place the public can enjoy. While locals have enjoyed pulling boats up to the beach, there are no formal agreements in place to keep the island open to the public. If sold on the private market, full closure to the public is a very real possibility.

What’s at stake

The island adds beauty, offers habitat for wildlife, and plays a central role in the area’s recreation economy. If we are successful, future generations will always be able to enjoy the island. Boaters and kayakers can visit the beach. Eagles can nest in the red pines, and loons on the shoreline. The community will always be able to view the undeveloped island from the lake and the top of Bluff Mountain.