Woman in camouflage aims her bow and arrow.

2020 Hunting Lottery for Bluffside Farm

For the fifth consecutive year, Bluffside Farm in Newport will be open for archery deer hunting. Applications are due by September 26. As per Newport City ordinance, no firearms are allowed on Bluffside Farm at any time, including rifle season which coincides with the late November time period. All hunters must carry written permission and hunt in designated areas away from neighboring houses.

man in mask boxing food for COVID food box program

Strengthening Food Systems: VLT Responds to the Coronavirus

“When things are insecure, it’s not a bad idea to produce more food,” said Angus Baldwin as he deftly cut and bound flat-leaf parsley. “I wasn’t sure if we’d be selling or giving it away this year, but I figured there would be a need for it.” Angus operates the nonprofit West Farm on VLT’s Brewster Uplands Conservation Trust property in Jeffersonville. The parsley was destined for the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program, one of several partners Angus is working with this year to get healthy food in the hands of those who need it.