2020 Hunting Lottery for Bluffside Farm

Woman in camouflage aims her bow and arrow.


For the fifth consecutive year, Bluffside Farm in Newport will be open for archery deer hunting. Applications are due by September 26.

Permits are available via lottery, during the following periods:

  • October 17 – November 13
  • November 14 – November 29
  • November 30 – December 15

These are the only dates during which hunting will be permitted. As per Newport City ordinance, no firearms are allowed on Bluffside Farm at any time, including rifle season which coincides with the late November time period.

All hunters must carry written permission and hunt in designated areas away from neighboring houses.

Bluffside Farm will continue to be open for walkers during hunting season. Notices will be posted in parking lots. All visitors, including hunters, are encouraged to wear blaze orange throughout the season.


For more information, contact VLT Forester, Dan Kilborn at (802) 371-7503

Photo courtesy of Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department