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Farmer Award 

Application Information for the Eric Rozendaal Memorial Award

The Eric Rozendaal Memorial Fund was created through contributions from Eric’s family and friends and is managed by the Vermont Land Trust. The fund provides a yearly award to a farmer who honors Eric’s legacy — thoughtful, creative, and entrepreneurial. More on the award can be found here.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted between January 1 and June 30 for each year’s award. This year’s deadline is 11:59 pm Eastern Time on June 30, 2022. Applications received after this will be asked to resubmit the following year. One $5,000 award will be announced at each of the Vermont Land Trust’s annual meetings from 2019 through 2028.

Award Eligibility

To apply, you must be a Vermont resident, be managing or working on a commercial farm operation in Vermont, and have not received the award in the past. The applicant does not have to own land. Current VLT staff, VLT board members, members of the Selection Committee and the immediate family members* of VLT staff, VLT board members and members of the Selection Committee are not eligible to apply.

People who apply for the award but do not receive it are encouraged to reapply in future years.

*For this award, immediate family members are defined as spouse, civil union partner, parent, sibling, child or any other relative residing in the applicant’s household.

Award Publicity

Applicants must indicate that they understand that VLT will publicize the awardees, and, if chosen as an awardee, they must agree to cooperate in publicity initiated by VLT. Publicity may include press releases, newsletters, and website and social media posts.

Award Criteria

  1. Land stewardship: A demonstrated commitment to building healthy soils and protecting natural resources.
  2. Giving back: A commitment to giving back to the community and to fellow farmers. This could be through mentorship, community engagement, or other activities.
  3. Entrepreneurism: A demonstrated entrepreneurial approach to farming. This could include introducing new farm products or developing new markets.
  4. Use of the award money: A clear description of recent or planned project(s) on the farm that 1) are related to the award criteria described above; and 2) will have award money applied to them.
    Please note that award money does not need to be used for a new project created for the purpose of applying for the award. The money can be applied to a current project or one that has been recently completed.


The first set of questions determine the applicant’s eligibility for the award. The other questions ask the applicant to describe their business and how business activities fit with the award criteria. If you would like to review a PDF version of the 2022 application, please click here.

If you are unable to complete the application online or have other questions, please contact Rasna Dhillon at (802) 262-1241 and an alternative application method will be provided.


Photos of Eric and his farm courtesy of photographer Natalie Stultz.

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