Kids running toward the camera in a hay field that has been recently mowed, with teachers following in background - Vermont

School’s Out

At Mettawee Community School in West Pawlet, something special is happening. Through a partnership with the Merck Forest & Farmland Center and VLT, students can explore the fields and forests behind their school every single day.

mossy rocks and stream flowing through woods

Around the State: Our Recent Work

Our members make it possible to protect the land that sustains us. With your help, we support farms that grow local food, forests, clean air and water, places to hike and ski. Learn about our recent successes.

Person in snowy woods affixing strips of colored material to wire fencing so animals can see it and won't be harmed

Too Many Deer?

Deer exclosures, fences that keep deer out, can show how too many deer prevent new trees from growing in our woods. VLT is partnering with the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, and UVM Extension to build exclosures on community forests across Vermont.