Farmstand sign - Wilson Farm Market in Greensboro is open for business, thanks to conservation with VLT

Shuttered Farmstand Re-Opens its Doors as Wilson Farm Market

Greensboro-area residents who love farm-fresh food have something to celebrate with the revival of a local farm. By conserving the farmland with the Vermont Land Trust, Brenden and Lindsay Beer were able to buy the former Hazendale Farm and have revived the popular farmstand on Hardwick Street.

close up of buck (fallow deer)

Largest Deer Farm in State Conserved

Hank Dimuzio didn’t follow a typical path to become a farmer. For over 20 years he built up what is now the largest deer farm in the state while working as an emergency room physician at Rutland Regional Medical Center. In 2016, he retired from the hospital to pursue farming full time.