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This past fall, Peter Briggs worked with VLT and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to protect land along 1.5 miles of Lewis Creek in Starksboro. The creek is a priority for clean water initiatives because it flows into Lake Champlain.

“No structures can be built along the banks,” explained VLT’s Bob Heiser, “and land within 50 feet of the water must be kept naturally vegetated.” This will help keep the water cleaner and reduce damage from future floods as healthy floodplains hold water and slow it down.

“As recent storms have clearly shown, this land holds crucial floodplains for the creek as we enter the age of climate change,” said Louis duPont, founding member of the Lewis Creek Association, which helped with this project.

Peter’s farm operation produces hops for craft brewers. Last year, his neighbors, dairy farmers Eric and Jane Clifford, conserved land as well. Together these neighbors protected land along 2.5 miles of the creek in support of clean water. “More and more landowners are looking into protecting rivers and streams,” said Bob. To date, VLT has worked with landowners to establish river corridor protection on nearly 700 acres.

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