A New Trail in Dummerston

trail through trees - new trail in Dummerston

A crew of hardy volunteers worked through last summer to complete the last stretch of a new hiking trail in Dummerston. The trail is part of the Missing Links project that aims to connect Prospect Hill to the extended trail system along the Putney Mountain–Windmill Hill Ridge. With easements on neighboring land granted by generous landowners, the trail extends south to Prospect Hill and north toward Putney.

The trail goes through two properties the Putney Mountain Association (PMA) was able to buy and conserve, working together with VLT. “The Missing Links project is the latest of PMA’s ambitious, landscape-scale efforts. It’s gratifying to work with such capable and motivated partners,” said VLT’s Donald Campbell.

There are two loops of new trail, both beginning at the Hague Road trailhead: One climbs through the hardwood forest, offering several vistas onto an expansive southern view and a chance to visit Vermont’s second-largest ash tree. The second goes south to a high point.

women standing at safe distances around a large trial - new trial in Dummerston Vermont

VLT’s Joan Weir (left) at the new trail last summer with partners from PMA: Carolyn Mayo-Brown (center) and Past Shields (right).

Trail building will resume in the spring. Depending on weather and volunteer help along the way, the full trail to Prospect Hill should be complete by fall 2021. Looking to the future, Black Mountain and the West River Trail are on the horizon. In the meantime, a hiker can stay on trails connecting Prospect Hill in Dummerston to Athens Dome in Grafton.

The project was supported by the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, Fields Pond Foundation, Windham Foundation, and Davis Conservation Fund, as well as more than 200 private donations.

How do I get there?

To find Hague Road, take the Green Mountain Camp Road off Dummerston’s East-West Road. The PMA parking lot is about 150 feet before the end of Hague road, on the left side. Please do not block the end of the road.