Help protect a sacred site at risk of development and disturbance

We are working in partnership with the Elnu Abenaki and the Atowi Project to protect a sacred site that sits at the confluence of the West and Connecticut rivers in Brattleboro  (Wantastegok). We hope you will consider helping in this effort.

The Elnu Abenaki are one of four state-recognized tribes in Vermont. When learning that this property was going to be sold and its nearly intact condition would be lost forever due to development, the Elnu and the Atowi Project decided to save the land.

About the land

For thousands of years, the original people of this region have visited, celebrated, lived, and been laid to rest where the Wantastekw (West River) and Kwenitekw (Connecticut River) meet in Wantastegok.

Well-documented in the Euro-American written record from the late 1700s forward, this land was often referred to as Indian Rock. Petroglyphs, or rock carvings, are relatively rare in the New England region; this site is one of only two significant examples in Vermont.

Conserving this place will protect a Traditional Cultural Landscape and indigenous access for ceremonial practice. The disturbance of those who have been laid to rest will be also be ended.

The land will remain open to everyone, as a place of community rest, enjoyment, and sharing. There will be opportunities for cultural interpretation and education in order to raise awareness and restore a sense of relationship to place.

Funds are needed to buy the land, for site documentation, and to provide for its future financial needs.