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Rediscover the home we share

  • 5 Min Read
  • March 16, 2022

Uniting land and lives

This is our new statement of purpose, stemming from our belief that everything is connected. Every day we work to improve the health of our land, our people, and the natural world. Conservation is many things. We protect land, champion working farms and forests, improve the health of water and soil, and connect people to this home we share.


Vermont Land Trust logo

Why a new look? A letter from Nick

In 1977, the year the Vermont Land Trust was founded, I-89 was still under construction, the population of Vermont was just under half-a-million, and Act 250, Vermont’s landmark land-use planning law, was only seven years old.

The challenges and opportunities facing VLT and the communities we serve are different today than they were 45 years ago. Climate change, income inequality, economic trends in farming and forestry, among many other forces are placing new pressures on our land and communities. We’ve evolved to meet this moment—now too has our brand.

With this refreshed brand, we saw an opportunity to generate excitement, connect more deeply, and go further in achieving our mission. The logo itself has many dimensions. The infinite weave suggests the enduring connections between land and lives. Our name sits above the weave with Trust offset on its own— emphasizing the value we place in that word and relationships that are at the heart of who we are. And the colors are both energizing and grounded, reflecting the colors we see on our landscape across our seasons.

While our website and publications might feel different, our passion and knowledge you have come to trust remains the same. Conservation is in our bones. So too is the desire to reimagine the role of conservation in Vermont’s future.

The board and staff of VLT are energized by this evolution. Won’t you join us?

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