VLT Works with Partners to Protect Wildlife Corridor in Waterbury and Stowe


The forested mountains that make Waterbury and Stowe attractive to Vermonters and tourists are home to many wide-ranging animals such as bear, moose, and bobcat. These animals need to travel over large areas as part of their natural life cycle, but crossing through this busy area is a challenge.

That’s why an effort to protect wildlife’s ability to cross the valley has begun. The Shutesville Hill Wildlife Corridor is located near the Waterbury–Stowe line within a 10,000-acre area on either side of Route 100.

This area provides the only ecologically viable connection between the Green Mountains and the Worcester Range. It is one of the five most important wildlife crossings in the state and a critical part of an international network of connected forest habitats in the northeast. A partnership of local groups, conservation organizations, and state agencies are working together to improve and protect habitat in this area. Learn more and see the map.