Pieter’s Lens – Following a Loon Family on South Pond

loon in flight with blue sky

By Pieter van Loon, VLT forester —

Earlier this year, I took at photo of a loon displaying on South Pond in Marlboro. Apparently the courtship that accompanied that display was convincing, as the loons I saw that day now have two chicks.

two loon chicks

All of the shoreline of South Pond is conserved by the Vermont Land Trust and the pond sits in the middle of nearly 700 acres of conserved land. The peace and quiet makes it a great place for loons. I stopped by the pond early on a recent foggy morning to see how everyone was doing.

loon landing with mist

I will go back periodically, so stay tuned for more photos of the South Pond loon family. Remember, please give nesting loons a wide berth. It may appear I was close to them, but a long telephoto lens and some cropping on the computer gives the illusion of closeness. If they vocalize, swim especially low in the water, or extend their necks and look a bit wary, please give them more space.

two loon parents swimming



About Pieter’s Lens: Not only does Vermont Land Trust forester Pieter van Loon know his trees, but he is also a great photographer and observer of wildlife. We asked Pieter to share what he sees in the field as he visits land conserved with VLT. Take a walk in the woods with Pieter by following #PietersLens on our social sites