Pieter’s Lens – A Red Eft Sighting

red eft on leaf - small

by Pieter van Loon, VLT forester —

Red efts are the juvenile stage of the eastern newt. Did you know newts can live up to 15 years? That means a newt year is roughly equivalent to a dog year. This one climbed to the top of a coltsfoot leaf. What do you suppose drove it to do that? We wonder if it might have been after the water at the edge of the leaf.


About Pieter’s Lens: Not only does Vermont Land Trust forester Pieter van Loon know his trees, but he is also a great photographer and observer of wildlife. We asked Pieter to share what he sees in the field as he visits land conserved with VLT. Take a walk in the woods with Pieter by following #PietersLens on our social sites

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