Join Ecologist Liz Thompson for a virtual spring wildflower walk, richly illustrated with beautiful photos. We’ll look at showy ground-dwelling flowers like bloodroot, hepatica, and spring beauty, then move off the ground to explore flowering shrubs like leatherwood, shadbush, and rhodora. Then we’ll look at a few tree flowers, way up in the forest canopy. We’ll talk about the plants and their relationships to each other and to their soils, and touch a bit on pollinators, dispersal strategies, and human uses of some of the plants. All the plants will be named, and we’ll share a few good places to go wildflower watching.  


  • Liz Thompson, Director of Conservation Science, Vermont Land Trust

This free webinar is perfect for anyone who loves spring wildflowers, from beginning naturalists to professionals in conservation and natural resource management. Please pre-register today.  

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