Visit an old growth forest on top of a cliff

Eastern red cedar, or eastern juniper, is most familiar in our region as a small tree that comes up in old, abandoned pastures. But its native and natural haunts are cliffs and ledge-tops, where thin, dry soils keep most other tree species from surviving. Here, eastern red cedar trees grow very slowly, getting older but not much bigger with each passing year. We will visit one of these astounding cliff-tops and the adjacent hilltop where dry oak forests and woodlands thrive.  

Trip Leaders

  • Robert Zaino, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Liz Thompson, Director of Conservation Science, Vermont Land Trust
  • David McMath, Forester, Vermont Land Trust

This event is perfect for anyone who is interested in old forests and the rugged, unusual places where they can be found.  

photo: Bob Zaino

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