Did you know that Vermont’s grasslands are important habitat for endangered birds?

Of the 12 species of bird listed as threatened or endangered in Vermont, 5 nest in grasslands and hayfields. This group of species is undergoing the most significant decline of any group of bird in North America, and it’s all hands on deck to conserve them.  

Fortunately, Vermont has a high potential for the long-term conservation of Bobolinks, which may aid in the recovery of other grassland nesting species. More than a quarter of Vermont’s Eastern Meadowlark population, for example, nests on land VLT has helped protect. Join us to learn about the history of Northeastern grasslands, the animals that call them home, and what you can do to help keep them on the Vermont landscape. 


This event is perfect for anyone who is curious about grasslands in Vermont and wants to help protect endangered species. Please pre-register today!

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