The vast majority of Vermont’s forests are young, with old forests accounting for less than 1% of the forests in our state. Besides being rare, old forests are also diverse, resilient, and provide important habitat opportunities for wildlife.

While allowing some forests to develop into old forests naturally is important, it is also possible to use forest management to make Vermont’s relatively young forests more like old forests by creating many of the unique conditions and habitats found in old forests centuries sooner than they would naturally occur.

Join us to visit a project at the Hinesburg Town Forest that uses forest management as a tool to make a relatively young forest more like an old forest while also creating diverse wildlife habitat, protecting biodiversity, and increasing the forest’s health and resilience in a changing climate.

Trip Leaders

  • Ethan Tapper, Chittenden County Forester
  • Allaire Diamond, Ecologist, Vermont Land Trust 

This event is perfect for anyone interested in forest management. Please pre-register today!

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