Stones Brook on the 63 acres of land conserved by New Garland in Fairfax

Fields, Forest, and Stream Protected in Fairfax

Making sure land along streams has native trees and plants helps keep the water clean and cool, which benefits fish and other species. This stream, a hemlock forest, and open overlooks in Fairfax are now conserved for healthy forests, clean water, and wildlife. Thanks to Newt Garland, who protected the land he’s taken care of for decades.

Sally Schlueter and Ric Prescott have enjoyed their St. Johnsbury woods for years; they donated a conservation easement to VLT to save the land for the future.

Protecting Land for Wildlife

Sally Schlueter grew up on a Kansas farm with horses, dogs, and cats. She raised sheep and goats as part of her local 4-H youth club and loved walking along […]

Dairy farmers worked with VLT and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to protect land along Lewis Creek in Starksboro.

Working Together for Clean Water

Cliffords have been farming in Starksboro since the family first arrived from Scotland in 1790. “What history has told us,” says eighth-generation farmer Eric Clifford, pointing east from his kitchen […]