beaver pond in vermont

Nature Journal: While the world spins, our feet stay on the ground

Hudson and I were on a parcel in Berkshire last week. For those who haven’t met him, Hudson’s around seven, he’s never happier than when he’s loose in the forest, and he has an addiction to digging up rocks and carrying them around in his mouth. I should also note that he’s a dog, a lab-whippet mix (I think).

Hannah Sessions of Blue Ledge Farm walks on boardwalk

#StayGroundedVT Roundup – Week of March 23

VLT board member Hannah Sessions of Blue Ledge Farm and dog Boomer step over some wild scat while on a walk around their conserved farm. Hannah says,” We built this ramp to span the wetland when it floods every spring like it is now.” Hannah credits her husband, Greg Bernhardt, with this beautiful shot.   […]


What Does a Truly Old Forest Look Like?

When I started working as an ecologist in Vermont, I sought out old forest. I wanted to know: what was “that wild forest?” What might it have looked like before Europeans settled and “tamed” the land? Gifford Woods State Park in Killington was among the places I explored that first summer, and when I saw it, I was absolutely awestruck.