steer with hay in its horns like a hair-doo

#StayGroundedVT Round Up – Week of April 13

In one of this week’s most popular posts, Carl Powden, who has a small farm in Johnson, shared a special moment with Auvergne, a French saler breed, who has decided on a new look. Granted, it has been hard to get to the salon these days!

robin singing on a branch in early spring

Nature Journal: Finding Joy in Song

What a comfort it is to be in nature, where spring is happening despite it all. And to see other humans out in the woods, sharing smiles while keeping safe distance, acknowledging the healing that nature offers. There is hope, hope for mercy and grace.

red dogwoods

#StayGroundedVT Round Up – Week of April 6

With our world narrowing in to those places very close to come, we find ourselves taking the time to see nature in a new way, reveling in its complexity. VLT ecologist Allaire Diamond takes us on an exploration a small stretch of the Browns River in Jericho, VT — there’s so much to see!   […]