What Animal is It? A River Otter!

Why walk when you can slide? Seeing a river otter, or even just its tracks, is a reminder that there is always more than one way of getting from A to B, and that even the smallest journeys can be fun. Active all year and at any time of the day, otters are social and […]

trail through trees - new trail in Dummerston

A New Trail in Dummerston

A crew of hardy volunteers worked through last summer to complete the last stretch of a new hiking trail in Dummerston that extends south to Prospect Hill and north toward Putney.

close up of handdrawn bingo board with a woodpecker, snowflake and other images

Winter Backyard Bingo

Back by popular demand, we offer a winter edition of Backyard Bingo! This scavenger hunt bingo experience can get the whole family outside for an afternoon of learning and adventure.

people walking in the woods with tall trees all around

A Treasured Forest Will Be Open to All

The Peter A. Krusch Nature Preserve will feature nature trails that invite exploration. A highlight will be a path to the Cambridge Pines State Forest—one of Vermont’s few examples of old forest, a spectacular and awe-inspiring place that’s not easy to access.