tree canopy in summer

Our commitment to learning and action on injustice

In Vermont, racism and bigotry has been tied to land ownership and access. For nearly every organization in the land trust movement there is hard work ahead to grapple with this legacy. At VLT we recognize that this critical work deserves attention—and is not something we will ever finish.

Person in snowy woods affixing strips of colored material to wire fencing so animals can see it and won't be harmed

Too Many Deer?

Deer exclosures, fences that keep deer out, can show how too many deer prevent new trees from growing in our woods. VLT is partnering with the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, and UVM Extension to build exclosures on community forests across Vermont.

people walking in the woods with tall trees all around

A Treasured Forest Will Be Open to All

The Peter A. Krusch Nature Preserve will feature nature trails that invite exploration. A highlight will be a path to the Cambridge Pines State Forest—one of Vermont’s few examples of old forest, a spectacular and awe-inspiring place that’s not easy to access.