Helping Bald Eagles at Bluffside Farm

Bald eagle with wings spread above a nest

Sharing the farm with Bald Eagles

Bluffside Farm is a special place—even bald eagles think so! They’ve often nested on the farm over the past few years. It’s exciting to catch a glimpse of these raptors when you’re on the farm, but these impressive creatures are easily disturbed by human activity and sometimes abandon their young. So it’s important for us to stay away from their nesting areas.

Safe space for nesting

One of the first species to be declared endangered, bald eagles have recovered in significant numbers in Vermont because of conservation and protection efforts, including the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act that prohibits people from taking or disturbing nests.

This means limiting the level of activity in a 330-foot radius around the eagle nest. We call this the “Eagle Nest Buffer. If you’re visiting, you’ll know you’re approaching the buffer zone when you see signs that ask visitors to stay out of the protected area. To help you plan your visit, here’s a trail map with the buffer marked by a red circle

trail map of bluffside farm

The map also shows construction zones for the new recreation path. For your safety, please stay away from construction zones and materials until the path is complete. 

Please respect the buffer. And thanks for helping us support the bald eagles at Bluffside!

Photo: Gail Singer