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This is a beautiful white ash tree on the Common in Rutland. The photo was taken last fall. After that I wrote a Letter to the Editor of a couple of Vermont newspapers, and in it I stated that the Emerald Ash Borer would kill that tree and that it could not be saved. I said that the tree should be cut down while it is still alive and made into something like a very large table or something like that, to pay tribute to a wonderful species and a wonderful tree; then have the table in a public place like a conference room.

Since then I have learned that through inoculation that tree could well be saved. Seems like this tree would be a good candidate for inoculation.

—Bob Hoffman


Bob Hoffman sent this beautiful white ash tree on the Common in Rutland: part of Vermont Land Trust's ash stories project


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About Ash Stories: Ash Stories is a collaboration between the Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program to celebrate Vermont’s ash trees and their role in our woods, wetlands, and towns. You can learn more about the project here

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