What’s your ash story?

ash seeds

Our woods are on the brink of massive change. Vermont’s 150 million ash trees are all threatened by an invasive insect, emerald ash borer, that was first detected here in 2018. But for now, ash trees are largely alive and well in Vermont, providing important habitat for wildlife, stabilizing floodplain soils, shading our yards and streets, and forming cathedrals in the woods. And we want to hear about them!

The Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program are seeking stories of notable Vermont ash trees to celebrate them and their role in our woods, wetlands, and towns, and raise awareness about EAB and what we can do about it. Do you have an ash tree that’s important to you? Please share it with us! We’re building an archive of ash stories and images that will live on even as our forests change.

Share stories, photos, drawings, maps, poems, even just a few words–anything you’d like to share is fantastic! We will share some of these entries on this website. Email ash@vlt.org with your story to be included in our collection. Questions? Contact Allaire Diamond, VLT ecologist.

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